Photography is a time machine to the past because no matter how old the memory, (as long as it was after cameras were invented in 1839), we have the ability of remembering that moment forever. We can completely forget about something that happened 10 years ago (even if it was the “best day of your life”). Then one day you’re cleaning your room and you stumble across an old photo album and BAM, there’s something you completely forgot about. You could spend all day reminiscing from that one photo while a pool of emotions floats in and smacks you in the face whether they are good or bad.

Photographs with camera

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Photographs are a constant reminder of the memories you wish to cherish. Karl Lagerford once said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” I believe this is the reason many people pick up the career (or hobby).

If you’re like me, remembering things isn’t always the easiest task. That’s why I go almost everywhere with a camera whether it be the one on my cell phone or my actual DSLR. This way, I’m sure to never miss anything important.

Okay so let’s face it – you will never in your lifetime be able to remember all the events that took place throughout the entirety of your life. There’s no point in trying because it is literally impossible. You will never do it. But by taking photographs, you will be able to cherish those sacred moments forever. This is why a camera should be your best friend

Cherishing the precious moments in my life is what I live for. Photography is what I live for. What is it that you live for?